Civil Works

The company carries out civil works projects of a varied nature, participating in the execution of linear projects, hydraulic works and urban development projects for public administrations and the main engineering and construction companies at a national level.

Thanks to extensive experience in different construction techniques, it is able to offer a competitive, quality service in the execution of all kinds of work, always with the best equipment and leading suppliers in the construction sector. The company is a leader in the execution of special reinforced concrete structures, with perfect knowledge of the different formwork and support systems.

Some of the activities in which the company specializes are:

  • Earthworks (Bulk, roads, ponds, improvement of soils, etc.)
  • Concrete works
  • Piping and lining works.
  • Reinforced concrete.
  • Formwork systems ( sliding and climbing systems, falsework, etc.)
  • Special foundations.

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