Maracof International reachs South Africa

10 DECEMBER, 2012

From its inception as an External Profit Company (Branch), Maracof, S.L. has a BBBEE grade of 4 and is in constant communication with our advisors for maximizing this grade. On of the mid-term plans of our South African division is to become a Subsidiary and is currently negotiation with local partners that are willing to contribute with both capital and local know-how. This is not only necessary in order to increase our local presence and BBBEE grade, but also has been recommended by our advisors on the mid-term in order to guarantee a larger presence of our firm in the country. We're also about to join the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB).

Our first project in South Africa comes from our cooperation with Abengoa, and will be the execution of the sliding of a 200 meters high Tower in Upington, Northern Cape. We're expected to start executing the project in Q1, 2013.

Our goals:

- To satisfy the demand of our clients in a market with untapped potential that needs the know-how of our activities - of reference
- To make use of our large experience in order to turn Maracof into a reference firm for the execution of Civil Works in Energy projects in South Africa
- To contribute to the professional development of our workers through new experiences
- To help on the social, economic and cultural development of South Africa, and more concretely in the areas in which we act

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